Thoughts on Internet marketing strategies for the home based entrepreneurs

Toni here, musing from the 1:07 to New Haven for a weekend escape from the city.  As is typical for this train on a Friday afternoon, I’m traveling with the kings of the financial world on their way home to Stamford, Greenwich, and other Gold Coasts stops on the New Haven Line, as well as the mid-level management and support personnel going further into Connecticut.  Finding herself surrounded with all of this comfortable affluence, a girl starts thinking about how her fellow travelers got to their levels of comfort.  Are they truly comfortable with their lot in life?  If they had a chance at a re-do, how would they use it?  How would they align their skills with their interests?  Would they seek their destiny following their ideals, or do “the right thing?”

For my re-do, skill improvement is the way to go.  As an independent artist with a tiny bit of financial success, I get the whole entrepreneurial mindset and am comfortable with taking creative risks.  Wouldn’t it be a blast to take another, well planned risk to jump in and create a fabulously successful home based business.  My lack of internet marketing skills was a problem.  I sought training.

The results of internet marketing strategies are visible every time you access a web page.   Somebody thought about the design and how it supported the purpose of the organization.  Marketing on the internet vs. print.  How do you even start thinking about all of this?  My big questions were:

• What is an internet marketing strategy?
• The web is huge.  Is there any way I can focus on local internet marketing?
• This all feels pretty compartmentalized, is there such a thing as holistic internet marketing?
• Is there somewhere to learn all of this in a real world context?

After much research, I found an organization and community that handles these very issues.  The work so far is a blast and I’m looking forward to the next round of questions that you always have, after your first round of questions is answered.


As the Gold Coast crowd shuffles off the train, leaving us mid-level and support folks to continue on, I wish all of them the best and imagine how they might use their re-dos.  Reality check, I’m also imagining that I’ve joined the Gold Coast crowd as a fabulously successful entrepreneur.

If you’re curious about where I found the marketing training and community to market anything anywhere , here’s more information. (http://www.integratedlifesuccess.)


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