Taking the leap whilst between gigs

Many times in the past I’ve found myself between day jobs.  It’s usually happens around performance review time after I’ve been told  “You’re fabulous, you’re great, we can’t live without you.”  The karmic kiss of death concludes 2-3 months later as I’m called into HR for the separation interview by guilt ridden management.

The last time it happened, my best friend told me, “You’ve got all these creative skills, and you like to help people make changes for the better,  surely you can use those skills to create a great living.”  Which got me thinking, I love to create something from nothing, be it dances, furniture, clothes, dinner, and share the results with people.  Surely there is a way to make a viable, no, fabulously successful living with that creative energy.  Isn’t that what entrepreneurialism is all about?  Isn’t it the same as taking a well thought out, creative risk? But rather than create a new piece, why not create a new business?  One that lets you be true to your ideals rather than those of your boss.   Yep, make the transition from working for your boss to working for yourself.  Have faith and take the creative leap!

Where to start?   What are the best on-line opportunities?   Where can you learn effective internet based marketing?  Where can you find the people who already do this well and are willing to share their knowledge?   As you’d rather not re-invent the wheel, or more precisely the  product and system needed to be successful, might it already be out there?  Yes, Virginia, there are answers to all of your questions.

The next time your are between day job gigs, or even when you are comfortably ensconced in your cubicle (are those things ever comfortable?) imagine your ideal life, with enough money and time available to pursue your passions.  More time with your family would be great.  You’ve always wanted to do volunteer work in the community.  Oh, and don’t’ forget your long neglected personal masterpiece.   Being the creative person you are (yes, that means you), if all or any of this sounds intriguing, take a leap of faith and check out http://www.integrativelifesuccess.com to see how it’s possible and hear from others who found the answers to their questions mentioned above and are now living their ideal lives.


Go ahead, take the leap!


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