Expanding the definition of success?

I know, you’re busy, but take a breath and think for five minutes what success looks like for you?  Is it what you’re doing right now?  Some of your success factors might include the normal trappings, good job, nice house, good car, happy marriage, your kids college fund is still intact (kudos to you!!!), though your retirement fund has recently taken a hit.  At first glance, for the most part, it sounds great.  But do you feel successful?  Can success be achieved in more areas of your life?
Glad this occurred to you first.  For many years I thought I had very little to complain about.  I was trading time for money at good companies.  I have a great circle of family & friends, a supportive partner.  Lots of creative projects underway, a bit of a holistic health counseling business in the works.  Had a bit of money in the bank.  Little to complain about, right?
Recently things started crumbling around the edges.  My partner and I moved into a new apartment.  With little warning, he lost his job.  He’s brilliant and well connected, and found another one before the severance ran out.  Then I lost my job, which hasn’t been replaced yet (the severance has run out) and then he lost his job again.  It’s all quite breath taking in an attention getting way.  While we both continue our searches for other opportunities, I’m looking at tweaking my definition of success and improving my skill set.  As working from home seemed a great idea, I began looking for working online success stories.  I’ve found a great one that teaches online marketing with an impressive system and product line with a team who is as committed to my success as I am.
So, while I build that business, there’s time to re-imagine my success factors as it relates to my physical, emotional, & spiritual health.  It’s a treat to be on the road to greater financial success in a way that better integrates with all the other aspects of my life.  It’s also profoundly cool to imagine how I can share that success with others.
Go for it!  Expand your definition of success.

Toni Taylor



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