Abundance is Yours!

If Abundance is Yours, Give It Away.

The beauty of abundance being yours, is that it’s yours to give away.  Even if you think you have little to give, materially speaking, look for ways to share what you have.  One of my personal favorites is random acts of anonymous kindness.  These might include paying the toll for the car behind you.  Give your last ride on your subway/bus pass to the person behind you on the way out.  If your downstairs neighbor has put something in the hallway to go down, take it down on your way out.   If you find a quarter, give it to someone else, ideally a stranger, with a “hey, you dropped this”.  You might get some strange looks, which are basically harmless. You might even be turned down if the gesture feels too heavy handed.  But you might also make someone’s day.

Yes, generally speaking, you’re confident you’re a good listener to your friends and family.  Every week or so, choose a different person and create a situation where they can openly talk about whatever is on their mind and you just listen to them.  Give them the latitude to vent, try out new ideas, share about family, think through a problem, whatever they want to talk about.  Hear and understand them in a non-judgmental way and offer advice or opinions only if asked.  Your friends will enjoy being thoroughly heard and supported.

The easiest is sharing a silliness.  Humor is to life what bubbles are to champagne (or anything else that bubbles).  Flat champagne is drinkable in a pinch, but the bubbles make it so much more fun.  So send along the silly joke, the witty observation about the subway conversation you just overheard.  These things are too precious for you to keep to yourself.  We all need to laugh more often.

Make Room

It’s fascinating that the more abundance you share with the world, it makes room for abundance to come to you.  This notion has been described as The Golden Rule, Karma, and the balance of Yin/Yang.  It’s also interesting that if you’re sharing abundance with thought of receiving, it tends to backfire.   The person you try to give the quarter too will think it bad.  The person you’re listening too thinks you’re being nosy.  So by sharing with no expectation of receiving, the notion of what goes around, comes around, abundance will flow into your life.

The fact that you found the quarter in the first place, to give to someone else, is a perfect example of abundance flowing your way.  The insight and empathy you gain from listening to your friend becomes obvious to your clients, who then send more business your way.  You might start getting complements from complete strangers about how good you look.  Lots of “warm fuzzies” result.  But only if the cycle of abundance was initiated with no expectation of return.

The Virtuous Cycle

Once the virtuous cycle of abundance is initiated, it needs regular tweaking in whatever ways available to you, large or small.  Even if the current economic situation has all of us unsure of what we have to offer and how it is or isn’t valued by society, take this fear in hand and share your abundance in whatever way you can.  Remember to be grateful to those who share their abundance with you.  Voila!  The virtuous cycle of abundance continues.

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