Ageless Marketing Principals for Start Up, Entrepreneurial Types

Yes, that means for you, the home based, online entrepreneur

Multiple Streams of Internet Income
By Robert G. Allen
254 pages
© 2001, published by John Wiley & Sons
$16.47 on Amazon

I Just finished Robert G. Allen’s Multiple Streams of Internet Income, and am feeling very inspired to keep working at my network marketing business and looking for ways apply all of this training in multiple ways.

Some of his ideas are quite simple, using resources you probably already have, in the form of local businesses you already have relationships with, computer/internet resources, hobbies and professional expertise gathered over your work life.

He also talks about a few marketing parlor tricks. My favorite is him landing in San Francisco, giving his wallet to the TV reporter recording the whole thing, holding onto $100, and successfully buying 7 properties in 24 hours.

There are also great case studies of regular people (and some not so regular) who go on to have grand success after telling themselves, “surely there is something better I can do with my life.”

Being of a creative bent myself, I was particularly struck with the wonderfully creative spirit behind all of Allen’s recommendations.

Allen’s is a strategy that would appeal to those looking for another creative outlet. His use of basic marketing principals as the medium to create wealth as an artist creates a new piece. The successful completion of some of his examples can provide you the financial cushion you need to take that extra class, take more time off from your teaching gig so you can spend uninterrupted time on your latest project, to tide you over until the funding comes through.

While these techniques would be profitable for everyone, artists and other free lancers would do themselves a huge favor by experimenting with some of Allen’s techniques.

Another of the income streams suggested is affiliate marketing, MLM and network marketing. His suggestions regarding how to leverage success in one MLM opportunity into your other projects and income streams in ways that are respectful to your customers and team members are most compelling.

All in all, this and any of Robert G. Allen’s books are great additions to the library of anyone interested in establishing multiple income streams and effectively leveraging all of the resources by fully understanding the full value of all your offerings, be they in the form of products, services, and expertise.

Integrated Life Success


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