A Customer Service Shout Out! Belinda at AT&T Wireless is the Best!

No, this isn’t a paid advertisement for AT&T Wireless.

After several months of benign neglect of my wireless bill, I finally noticed that it was getting just barely shy of scandalous. A bit of poking around got me to AT&T’s Wireless Call Center, where I got a chance to speak with Belinda Bryan. After approaching the exchange with dread, it was one of the best conversations I’ve ever had with a service representative. She gently pointed me to my online bill so we could confirm how I was over my minutes with legitimate calls. She was then able to update my plan & credit me for the last 2 months of overages sufficient to cover my next 3 months billing. Belinda also gives great gentle lectures on how and why to check you plan and talked me through every step of what she was doing and any waiting. Great work Belinda! Kudos also go to AT&T call center management for providing her the tools and the leeway to give the absolute best customer service. Yes, the outcome of our conversation was great, the quality of our conversation was the highlight my day.

While anyone could have pointed me in the direction of my bill to confirm my usage, she did so in a way that respected my intelligence and time. There was a refreshing lack of “what an idiot” undertones in her delivery, even if this particular customer might have had it coming. There was an abundance of “how can I vastly improve this situation?” energy around the entire conversation. And with the tools and discretion provided by call center management, Belinda was able to deliver everything possible.

For those of us who serve clients in any way (and frankly, don’t we all), let Belinda’s example inspire you to a deeper understanding of how you can improve your customer’s situation well beyond their expectations. For those that manage customer facing departments, let AT&T’s example of providing Belinda the tools, leeway, and discretion to provide excellent customer service inspire you to do whatever it takes for your call center staff to be a true partner in maintaining long time happy customers.

Because if we are all the happy customers of the rest of us, wouldn’t that make the vast majority of us happy? I’m just saying . . . . .


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