Getting Your Groove Back

Getting Your Groove BackEverything has been cooking along nicely. You’re delivering projects to your clients, your next batch of work is cued up. You’ve worked very hard delivering everything required to create your masterpieces and grow your business. You’re a bit tired, but your enthusiasm is still mostly intact. But at the moment, you couldn’t put together a coherent thought in any medium; text, verbal, video, sketching, or pre-school finger painting, if your life depended on it.

Is it burnout? Is it creative block? Is it depression? Some combination of the three? Perhaps, but my sense is that after you’ve been cooking on all cylinders for so long, being the height of productive and in high performance mode, the inevitable burnout come as a huge surprise. This then creates a guilt ridden sense of creative block, which makes you, if not clinically depressed, unhappy. Get a grip. Take a breath. Choose not to panic. Be easy on yourself. Do everything you can to avoid this not so virtuous cycle that only leads to being more out of your groove. Celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how small. Re-connect with family, friends and colleagues, ideally those who care little about your productivity. Re connect with your self and nature. In fact, bursts of creative energy/output and the down time in between are both necessary to your long term success as they each have the seed to feed the other. This is a virtuous cycle you want to keep going.

Keep pencil & paper at hand to write down rambling thoughts. Keep a blank page open on your computer for the same reason. Keep an audio recorder close by if you prefer to verbalize things. The results of this stream of consciousness might or might not lead to anything useful. The purpose here is just to keep your mind moving freely and gently. When you are ready, you will get back in the groove.

Go find something to do that generates its own momentum. For many of us who do a fair amount of creative work in the digital space, making something tangible will ease a creative block. After you’ve designed a lot of websites, product launches, and marketing campaigns all in cyberspace, perhaps making something tangible can nudge you back into the creative flow. This notion can also apply to those of us who work in ephemeral, performance based mediums.

Making a lovely dinner, a table, a dress, a scribbly drawing, or anything that takes you out of your usual creative space, can nudge you back into the creative flow you need. Oftentimes the tangible step-by-tangible step process of making something completely unrelated to your last batch of work will generate the momentum needed to get your groove back.

If you are focused on your personal “why” you do what you do, be it in art and/or business, the down time between creative/energetic bursts of productivity is the time to enjoy that “why” being fully confident that your groove never really leaves you, it just needs to rejuvenate itself.

How do you get your groove back?


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