About Toni

Toni Taylor here.  As some of you may or may not know, I tend to collect and hold onto creative skill sets and passions.  In addition to dance, theatre, holistic health, and making of things (clothes, furniture, dinner), my latest passion is in creating ways for others to pursue the lives they’ve wanted doing the work they want to do, by connecting with a system that better integrates  the “making a living” part of their lives with what they truly want to do and be in the world.


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  1. ed elledge on

    hi there. i really like this sight so far.
    i have a few sites that were born out of my writings at a place called Authornation(dot)com where my use of the name reeeldeeep grew up, (and still lives in about 80 works) after starting at IMBD(dot)com. this is only to let you know this is not that ugly S-word. i’m afraid to even type it.
    if i made it through akismet, let me say i want my own sites to be a portal to many other sites that rank high for quality, and that includes vision. that is what you have.
    i’m real new at this, so other than some obvious choices, there aren’t much recommended yet. i would liike to have your content as my first ‘personal pick’. (i’m so new i don’t know how to do it the usual way.)
    the concept of collecting creative skills tickles my spine and teases my heart.
    i even have a book, about learning to love living, that is almost half done, just like it was in 2007, before the internet tossed me on to other tangents. once i started writing i never stopped, but now i’m trying to work online, and boy is it work!
    i have never learned more and floundered more online than a bucket of educated earthworms.

    if you’ve wondered about that opening line, it means what i see up to now is very impressive. i did not check out the other pages yet.

    so please email me if you have any interest.
    if you google reeeldeeep or reeeldeeel, both come up a lot, most of it bare bones blogs that will all link up later. right now it’s a swamp waiting to be drained.

    • ttaylorblog on

      HI Ed,
      Glad you’re feeling inspired by my work. Looking forward to seeing more from you.

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