The Joys of being Responsible or Discipline Means Freedom (and some warm fuzzies)

The joys of being responsible. Discipline means freedom. They do sound rather contradictory, don’t they? But if you gently focus on the rewards of discipline, rather than any sense of stingy self denial, all will make sense. Working with a very broad definition of “rewards” will also help.

Yes, it can be a bore to practice musical scales forever. But when you know the scales so well they can be felt in your bone marrow, you gain the freedom of creating entire musical masterpieces. Which, if you think about, it how most of western music has been created.

The drudgery of practicing free throws for hours, is, well a drudge. But the freedom the muscle memory derived from all that practice gives you in a clutch is immeasurable. And the warm fuzzies you get, knowing that you contributed to the success of your teams, will keep you practicing free throws for months.

Yes, it momentarily feels bad to forgo the purchase of those cute little red shoes in the shop window, but doing so often enough, gives you the wherewithal, to invest your “passed up little red shoe” fund in a business or anything else that might generate income. With some luck, hard work, and hanging out with the right people, you’ll create the resources and freedom to buy all the little red shoes you can use. Or better yet, buy your little red shoes (OK sensible little red shoes) at TOMS Shoes. For every pair you buy, they give a pair to a child in need.

One of the many gifts of self discipline is the freedom of responsibility. Again, contradictory, but keep an open mind. Of the innumerable valuable insights derived from my many mentors is the joy of having the resources (educational, professional, & financial) of being responsible and sharing those resources. Recently I’ve found myself with the opportunity and responsibility to contribute to the launching and sustaining of a new family. While the rest of my family continues its long time support of these young people, I’m now in the enviable position to add to their good work and intentions.

Which means, I now have the freedom and obligation to be successful, financially and spiritually, so I can support their success. My fruits will be the warm fuzzies (which can keep me going for months) of contributing to the success of members of my family, with no expectation of repayment. Re-filling the karma pool, if you will, as my family supported my success over the years.

One of the joys of all of this is that even when this young family becomes able to repay the family, would we really want them to? Probably not. Perhaps knowing that we can never fully be re-paid and that contributing to the success of someone else is far greater than the value what was provided to this new family. Perhaps rather than being repaid, our only expectation is that they do they same when the opportunity arises, either for their own children, or anyone else’s.

Pay It Forward

I once found a guy’s cell phone on a subway platform in New York City. A bit of poking around with the stored phone numbers identified whose phone I’d found. After arranging to meet at the clock at the information desk in Grand Central Station in NYC (is there anywhere else to meet a stranger in NYC?) I was taken aback, even slightly offended, when he offered a cash reward, which I declined. I enjoyed that, with so little effort, I’d made someone’s day a little easier. The whole exercise would have been some how diminished by a cash reward. In return, I asked him to pay it forward, and that was that. I’ve never heard from him again. While there’s no way of knowing if he paid it forward, those warm fuzzies kept me going for a long time.

So, I invite you to consider the discipline required to fulfill your responsibility of being successful, and the freedom it will give you to contribute to the success of others, as well as maintain a steady diet of warm fuzzies, which might be as good for you as a steady income.

Integrated Life Success


So many marketing tools, coordinating it all.

I’ve been working with a lot of marketing tools lately, twitter, facebook, email, blogging, video, and website building/optimizing and am finally getting a sense of how to work with all of them, to coordinate my message and campaigns. It has taken a bit of trial and error, but I’ve worked my way through using all of these tools and coordinating my marketing message across all platforms. As I’m seeing great results for my businesses, I’m looking forward to supporting the success other clients using these skills as well.

Can hardly wait to share results with you. If I can be of assistance, let me know.


Ageless Marketing Principals for Start Up, Entrepreneurial Types

Yes, that means for you, the home based, online entrepreneur

Multiple Streams of Internet Income
By Robert G. Allen
254 pages
© 2001, published by John Wiley & Sons
$16.47 on Amazon

I Just finished Robert G. Allen’s Multiple Streams of Internet Income, and am feeling very inspired to keep working at my network marketing business and looking for ways apply all of this training in multiple ways.

Some of his ideas are quite simple, using resources you probably already have, in the form of local businesses you already have relationships with, computer/internet resources, hobbies and professional expertise gathered over your work life.

He also talks about a few marketing parlor tricks. My favorite is him landing in San Francisco, giving his wallet to the TV reporter recording the whole thing, holding onto $100, and successfully buying 7 properties in 24 hours.

There are also great case studies of regular people (and some not so regular) who go on to have grand success after telling themselves, “surely there is something better I can do with my life.”

Being of a creative bent myself, I was particularly struck with the wonderfully creative spirit behind all of Allen’s recommendations.

Allen’s is a strategy that would appeal to those looking for another creative outlet. His use of basic marketing principals as the medium to create wealth as an artist creates a new piece. The successful completion of some of his examples can provide you the financial cushion you need to take that extra class, take more time off from your teaching gig so you can spend uninterrupted time on your latest project, to tide you over until the funding comes through.

While these techniques would be profitable for everyone, artists and other free lancers would do themselves a huge favor by experimenting with some of Allen’s techniques.

Another of the income streams suggested is affiliate marketing, MLM and network marketing. His suggestions regarding how to leverage success in one MLM opportunity into your other projects and income streams in ways that are respectful to your customers and team members are most compelling.

All in all, this and any of Robert G. Allen’s books are great additions to the library of anyone interested in establishing multiple income streams and effectively leveraging all of the resources by fully understanding the full value of all your offerings, be they in the form of products, services, and expertise.

Integrated Life Success

Fall Seven Times, Stand up Eight

How many times did you fall off you bike when you were a kid?  How many drafts of your term paper did you write before you were satisfied?  How many marketing proposals did you present before you landed the perfect client, partner, or business?  All you need to do is stand up the eighth time.

Usually things go well for you.  But these aren’t usual times.  You’ve been doing everything you should be doing to support yourself & your family.  You are learning and applying new business marketing skills.  Things aren’t working as well or as quickly as you’d hoped.  All you need to do is stand up the eighth time and layout the tasks for the next day in line with your marketing plan.

While throwing in the towel on any project you’re working on while in pursuit of your crystal clear goal is always an option on the table, it doesn’t have to be the one you choose right now. You only need to stand up the eighth time and write the article outline.

Your goal of spending more time with your family by working from home (or insert your goal here) by building a thriving internet marketing business is very clear in your mind.  Even if you deliver on seven things working towards your goal and fail, you need only to stand up the eighth time and load up your weekly Twitter campaign.  Perhaps you only post a few thoughts on your blog, which later becomes the basis of your next series of articles.  All you need to do is stand up the eighth time.

If you’re staring at your laptop for hours, bereft of inspiration, stand up the eighth time and call one of your team members.  Focusing your energy on supporting their success will bounce back to you in powerful ways.  Help your team members stand up the eighth time.

One of the beauties of network marketing as a technique for any business, is that the cumulative effect of what you learned from failure and the success of standing back up create the basis of your future success.

Perhaps the reason your falling is that your goals aren’t really clear in your own mind.  Visualizing your goals has already proven effective in that they help focus your mind on the task at hand.  If your goal isn’t clear, there are many masterful guides to visualization to refer to.  My current favorites are Stuart Lichman’s “How to Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast,” Napolean Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich,” as well as Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way.”

If you’re goal is well defined in your own mind, you will likely lose count of how many times you’ve fallen somewhere between four and seven.  With what your learned from all of that falling and clear focus on your goals, you will enjoy more than one opportunity to stand up for the eighth time with amazing results.


Artists need Multiple Income Streams

Congratulations! You’ve had a great year, artistically speaking. Your work is well received, the grants are coming your way and presenters are responsive. You’ve worked long & hard for your success, but how confident are you that your momentum can continue. Artists need multiple income streams for lots of reasons. Three favorites of mine include: stabilizing your income between exhibitions or performances, freeing up time to make more art or seek inspiration, and partaking of the magic of passive income streams. These income streams can be from any combination of time for money arrangements (i.e. day jobs), getting paid for your art work, and investment (i.e. passive) income.

Stabilizing Your Income
While you’ve had a great run so far; funders and presenters are pulling back and your confidence in your momentum is waning a bit. Having multiple streams of income from the sources listed above will help tide you over the lulls between your successes.

Freeing Up Time to Make More Art or Seek Inspiration
You might already be doing some type of day job or freelance work that contributes to your success. Exchanging time for money, even doing something benignly interesting, can cut into your creative output. If you’re in between batches of work, taking a class, indulging in a bit of wandering, or simply sitting watching people go by is what is needed to launch you into your next batch of work. But the benign demands of your moderately interesting (though mentally intrusive) day job interfere with your need to take the class, the hike, or the sit-and-look to launch your next batch of work to the next level.

Passive Income Streams
After you’ve taken the time to set them up, passive income streams are truly amazing. Consider the possibility of generating passive income streams by creating an online business. You’re already skilled at creating things and have the entrepreneurial zeal to market & sell your work. Consider creating passive income streams to tide you over the slack times and to perhaps fund even more art. More sophisticated use of the internet can help you do just that.

Possible passive income (or residual income) streams might include creating and publishing detailed content about your work. Get involved in a effective, well supported network marketing or multi level marketing systems. The more successful network marketing organizations will be candid with you that a fair amount of hard work is required in the beginning to set up your business. But once you get your business up and running using the marketing skills you already, augmented by the powerful online marketing skills you can learn, your business can continue to be profitable. This can be done spending as much time and headspace available to you in any given week to build your business and lead your team. This work can also be done from anywhere in the world with a laptop, high speed access, and a cell phone.

All you artists and fellow creatives out there, consider how your art and creative process would benefit if you had multiple income streams to tide you over between gigs. So the time between gigs can be your most creatively productive.

Abundance is Yours!

If Abundance is Yours, Give It Away.

The beauty of abundance being yours, is that it’s yours to give away.  Even if you think you have little to give, materially speaking, look for ways to share what you have.  One of my personal favorites is random acts of anonymous kindness.  These might include paying the toll for the car behind you.  Give your last ride on your subway/bus pass to the person behind you on the way out.  If your downstairs neighbor has put something in the hallway to go down, take it down on your way out.   If you find a quarter, give it to someone else, ideally a stranger, with a “hey, you dropped this”.  You might get some strange looks, which are basically harmless. You might even be turned down if the gesture feels too heavy handed.  But you might also make someone’s day.

Yes, generally speaking, you’re confident you’re a good listener to your friends and family.  Every week or so, choose a different person and create a situation where they can openly talk about whatever is on their mind and you just listen to them.  Give them the latitude to vent, try out new ideas, share about family, think through a problem, whatever they want to talk about.  Hear and understand them in a non-judgmental way and offer advice or opinions only if asked.  Your friends will enjoy being thoroughly heard and supported.

The easiest is sharing a silliness.  Humor is to life what bubbles are to champagne (or anything else that bubbles).  Flat champagne is drinkable in a pinch, but the bubbles make it so much more fun.  So send along the silly joke, the witty observation about the subway conversation you just overheard.  These things are too precious for you to keep to yourself.  We all need to laugh more often.

Make Room

It’s fascinating that the more abundance you share with the world, it makes room for abundance to come to you.  This notion has been described as The Golden Rule, Karma, and the balance of Yin/Yang.  It’s also interesting that if you’re sharing abundance with thought of receiving, it tends to backfire.   The person you try to give the quarter too will think it bad.  The person you’re listening too thinks you’re being nosy.  So by sharing with no expectation of receiving, the notion of what goes around, comes around, abundance will flow into your life.

The fact that you found the quarter in the first place, to give to someone else, is a perfect example of abundance flowing your way.  The insight and empathy you gain from listening to your friend becomes obvious to your clients, who then send more business your way.  You might start getting complements from complete strangers about how good you look.  Lots of “warm fuzzies” result.  But only if the cycle of abundance was initiated with no expectation of return.

The Virtuous Cycle

Once the virtuous cycle of abundance is initiated, it needs regular tweaking in whatever ways available to you, large or small.  Even if the current economic situation has all of us unsure of what we have to offer and how it is or isn’t valued by society, take this fear in hand and share your abundance in whatever way you can.  Remember to be grateful to those who share their abundance with you.  Voila!  The virtuous cycle of abundance continues.

Find out how!

Expanding the definition of success?

I know, you’re busy, but take a breath and think for five minutes what success looks like for you?  Is it what you’re doing right now?  Some of your success factors might include the normal trappings, good job, nice house, good car, happy marriage, your kids college fund is still intact (kudos to you!!!), though your retirement fund has recently taken a hit.  At first glance, for the most part, it sounds great.  But do you feel successful?  Can success be achieved in more areas of your life?
Glad this occurred to you first.  For many years I thought I had very little to complain about.  I was trading time for money at good companies.  I have a great circle of family & friends, a supportive partner.  Lots of creative projects underway, a bit of a holistic health counseling business in the works.  Had a bit of money in the bank.  Little to complain about, right?
Recently things started crumbling around the edges.  My partner and I moved into a new apartment.  With little warning, he lost his job.  He’s brilliant and well connected, and found another one before the severance ran out.  Then I lost my job, which hasn’t been replaced yet (the severance has run out) and then he lost his job again.  It’s all quite breath taking in an attention getting way.  While we both continue our searches for other opportunities, I’m looking at tweaking my definition of success and improving my skill set.  As working from home seemed a great idea, I began looking for working online success stories.  I’ve found a great one that teaches online marketing with an impressive system and product line with a team who is as committed to my success as I am.
So, while I build that business, there’s time to re-imagine my success factors as it relates to my physical, emotional, & spiritual health.  It’s a treat to be on the road to greater financial success in a way that better integrates with all the other aspects of my life.  It’s also profoundly cool to imagine how I can share that success with others.
Go for it!  Expand your definition of success.

Toni Taylor<br&gt;

Taking the leap whilst between gigs

Many times in the past I’ve found myself between day jobs.  It’s usually happens around performance review time after I’ve been told  “You’re fabulous, you’re great, we can’t live without you.”  The karmic kiss of death concludes 2-3 months later as I’m called into HR for the separation interview by guilt ridden management.

The last time it happened, my best friend told me, “You’ve got all these creative skills, and you like to help people make changes for the better,  surely you can use those skills to create a great living.”  Which got me thinking, I love to create something from nothing, be it dances, furniture, clothes, dinner, and share the results with people.  Surely there is a way to make a viable, no, fabulously successful living with that creative energy.  Isn’t that what entrepreneurialism is all about?  Isn’t it the same as taking a well thought out, creative risk? But rather than create a new piece, why not create a new business?  One that lets you be true to your ideals rather than those of your boss.   Yep, make the transition from working for your boss to working for yourself.  Have faith and take the creative leap!

Where to start?   What are the best on-line opportunities?   Where can you learn effective internet based marketing?  Where can you find the people who already do this well and are willing to share their knowledge?   As you’d rather not re-invent the wheel, or more precisely the  product and system needed to be successful, might it already be out there?  Yes, Virginia, there are answers to all of your questions.

The next time your are between day job gigs, or even when you are comfortably ensconced in your cubicle (are those things ever comfortable?) imagine your ideal life, with enough money and time available to pursue your passions.  More time with your family would be great.  You’ve always wanted to do volunteer work in the community.  Oh, and don’t’ forget your long neglected personal masterpiece.   Being the creative person you are (yes, that means you), if all or any of this sounds intriguing, take a leap of faith and check out to see how it’s possible and hear from others who found the answers to their questions mentioned above and are now living their ideal lives.


Go ahead, take the leap!

Thoughts on Internet marketing strategies for the home based entrepreneurs

Toni here, musing from the 1:07 to New Haven for a weekend escape from the city.  As is typical for this train on a Friday afternoon, I’m traveling with the kings of the financial world on their way home to Stamford, Greenwich, and other Gold Coasts stops on the New Haven Line, as well as the mid-level management and support personnel going further into Connecticut.  Finding herself surrounded with all of this comfortable affluence, a girl starts thinking about how her fellow travelers got to their levels of comfort.  Are they truly comfortable with their lot in life?  If they had a chance at a re-do, how would they use it?  How would they align their skills with their interests?  Would they seek their destiny following their ideals, or do “the right thing?”

For my re-do, skill improvement is the way to go.  As an independent artist with a tiny bit of financial success, I get the whole entrepreneurial mindset and am comfortable with taking creative risks.  Wouldn’t it be a blast to take another, well planned risk to jump in and create a fabulously successful home based business.  My lack of internet marketing skills was a problem.  I sought training.

The results of internet marketing strategies are visible every time you access a web page.   Somebody thought about the design and how it supported the purpose of the organization.  Marketing on the internet vs. print.  How do you even start thinking about all of this?  My big questions were:

• What is an internet marketing strategy?
• The web is huge.  Is there any way I can focus on local internet marketing?
• This all feels pretty compartmentalized, is there such a thing as holistic internet marketing?
• Is there somewhere to learn all of this in a real world context?

After much research, I found an organization and community that handles these very issues.  The work so far is a blast and I’m looking forward to the next round of questions that you always have, after your first round of questions is answered.


As the Gold Coast crowd shuffles off the train, leaving us mid-level and support folks to continue on, I wish all of them the best and imagine how they might use their re-dos.  Reality check, I’m also imagining that I’ve joined the Gold Coast crowd as a fabulously successful entrepreneur.

If you’re curious about where I found the marketing training and community to market anything anywhere , here’s more information. (http://www.integratedlifesuccess.)

Possibilities for a new future

If you’re interested in:

  • Exploring the possibility of launching a highly profitable on-line business
  • Shifting to an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Learning strategic internet marketing
  • Being involved in a supportive online and real time community, and
  • Working from home (or anywhere)

Check this out!

Looking forward to catching you on the other side!